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The Lal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus (Nai Disha Jan Kalyan Trust) is anon-profit and charitable trust. It's a voluntary association working for the development of knowledge and creating mindfulness among the millions about Science & Technology and seeking for their up-liftment in all spheres of the life through it. The promoters are in the field of education.

Ideal of the society are following


The idea of Lal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus (Nai Disha Jan Kalyan Trust) is to promote education each over the India. Lal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus (Nai Disha Jan Kalyan Trust) intends to give consultancy support to all States in the India in the area of educational planning & administration for opening, diversifying and developing the being or new institutions for managing the third renaissance. Lal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus (Nai Disha Jan Kalyan Trust) is committed to help the country in diagnosing the societal requirements and conditions in order to define the position of literacy to meet the need of its population and helping them establishing the applicable targets and decide suitable strategies for enforcing the programs & programmes to meet the educational and institution structure needs.

The Lal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus (Nai Disha Jan Kalyan Trust) is a charity grounded association which seeks to help the Average Scholars to prepare for work. Throughnon-traditional training the trust to educate the jobless people the chops that they need to secure long term employment. In it’s centers the trust gives REAL work experience. Through some Tieup with original diligence trust is suitable to train the campaigners on factual processes and training. People coming through The Trust’s work experience programme make confidence, learn chops similar as time keeping, platoon work and communication chops and admit support to find and secure long term employment. It's a no- pressure terrain which gently builds up to the pressures of assiduity allowing the seeker to grow and acclimatize to the requirements of a ultramodern working terrain.

Alongside thenon-traditional work experience programme trust also offers a variety of qualifications suitable to the requirements of the existent. This may be an award in Employability Chops or Health and Safety Awareness, a Traineeship. Each person is assessed and the training acclimatized to their specific requirements and wants icing the stylish result for the existent.

Skill development
The Trust is presently offering the Skill Development programme for people who are progressed between 16 to 40 times. A Skill Development programme is can last anything from 6 weeks to 12 months depending upon the quantum of support that you need to make up the correct chops and stations demanded for the plant. Although it's overdue it doesn't affect any benefits that you may be entering and bursaries are available through the Education Funding Agency.

beside running advanced education Institutes the trust also offer the vast range of subjects similar as Corel Draw/ Runner Maker/ Photoshop, welding and essence work, media and PR, grounds conservation, administration and marketable exposure are also offered.

Health camps is a special action of Lal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus (Nai Disha Jan Kalyan Trust) to give health care services to meet the immediate health care requirements of the marginalized community, The Trust organizes health camps offering restorative, preventative, and promotive health services to a large number of people in named intervention areas with a free of cost. Under health mindfulness programs The Trust organizes shops, and donations on health hazards, forestallment of epidemic, and contagious conditions and general hygiene.

Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Campus is having a theme of furnishing quality education at dreamcost.Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Campus aims at serving the people of the country by making them competent & strong enough to face the running life of the forthcoming technologies. Our centres give quality education in Computers, Fashion Designing, Beautician, Spoken English, Call Centre Training,N.T.T (Nursery Teacher's Training), NPTT ( Nursery and Primary Schoolteacher's Training). We've created a veritably friendly literacy terrain with the rearmost tools ofeducations.Number of campaigners are transferred by as to the pots after the customized and individual training using our state-of-the- art training installations.

We offer colorful Certificate/ Diploma courses in Computers, Fashion Designing and Beautician. We also give colorful short term courses in computers, beauty culture etc.L.B.S.T.C. runs colorful study centres in India which is an uniting and tutoring centre which aims to grease and promote studies, exploration and extension of work in arising areas of advanced education with focus on professional education in the disciplines of computer tackle, software, networking, multimedia, fashion world, beauty culture, nursery schoolteacher training, English discussionetc., also to achieve excellence in these and related fields and other matters connected there within or incidental there to.

Well-good, educated pukka preceptors train the actors with easy-to- learn step by step training material in the most optimized period of time. Looking at the current demand of professional courses in the computer field, fashion world, beauty culture, nursery tutoring; every alternate person wants to do one or the other parchment course. In seminaries, services, banks, manufacturing enterprises, import houses, call centers, advertising world, publishing houses and numerous further, everyplace they need workers who are computer literates. Some for their relish for computer, some for drooling with their children settled abroad and utmost of the people for their necessity.

But when a middle class group of people look at the high lump sum freights structure of the vocational study centres; half of them change their end; another manage still possible. We principally want to remove that horror from their minds as we're charging only the charges for the conservation of our institute i.e. no education freights that too a veritably small quantum, affordable by every member of people. Therefore by satisfying the requirements of the people coming to us our purpose is successfully achieved.


We provide the most professionalLal Bahadur Shastri Traning Campus Services to all our student. Unlike other businesses, we deal with decisions which can change people’s lives and we respect this fact and take all measures to outperform our expectations.



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